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Multi-Sensory Interactive Advent Prayer Experience

Because we are multi-sensory learners, God speaks to us through our senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling. A prayer experience that brings all five of our human senses into play, therefore, can become an engaging prayer experience in which we take an active role in our encounter, communion, and connection to God. Working with this insight, the Advent Prayer Room incorporates traditional church symbols within a unique setting that enhances the prayer experience by providing participants with several options for their prayer time. This creates a personalized prayer time which allows  participants to discover a connection to God through their senses, guiding them into a deep and meaningful dialogue with the living God.

Here’s what you can expect in the Prayer Room. When you enter the prayer room, you will find a variety of prayer stations. You can spend as much or as little time at as you feel necessary at any one station, moving through each station at your own pace. There may be some stations that don’t “touch your heart” or work for you, whereas others may help you feel a sense of connection to God’s presence or grace. Candles, lights, incense, and meditative music help to create a reverent and quiet atmosphere which fosters opportunities to enter personally into communion with God. Some stations have items which are “hands on” while other stations may involve tasting or consuming a symbolic food to help enrich the prayer experience. As you move from station to station, you will encounter items to take with you as a symbolic reminder of your experience. This is your unique experience, your unique time with the Lord, your opportunity to know God and sense God’s presence in new ways.

The prayer room also provides participants an opportunity to grow in faith and learn something new about themselves. It can be an experience that changes our perception of God and how God works in our lives.

We invite you, therefore, to renew your relationship with God by visiting the prayer room. Spend time to listen, wait, and experience the grace of the living God. Come and allow God to speak to your heart. Let the Holy Spirit ignite the fire of God’s love and compassion deep within. Experience God’s presence anew; see where God’s grace is waiting to be poured out. Come and encounter the Story, the Spirit, the Scripture!