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What is Middle School Ministry
The Middle School Ministry to young teens is one of the most important and life-changing ministries in our parish. Assumption Middle School Ministry presents an amazing grace-filled opportunity to young teens of our parish to grow in their faith through fun, engaging activities and mission work both inside and outside of our parish. Teens also interact with adult leaders who have a sincere interest in providing them with the spiritual guidance needed to develop a personal relationship with God helping them to serve God through prayer, faith formation, and service. 

Middle School Ministry Night
Middle School Ministry meets every Thursday in the parish Center Hall from 7pm-8:45pm.
Every middle school ministry night begins with dinner. Sharing a meal together is a great time for all of us the teens and the leaders to connect with each other, to learn about and from each other. Friendships and relationships based on Jesus begin to grow. 

After dinner we all gather together for a fun game in which everyone gets involved, We play a wide variety of games. This time is followed by a large group lesson in a format of a video or a hands on experience. This is the type of setting that truly helps teens to understand the lesson. The large group then breaks into small groups, and in these small groups we go deeper into the lesson with discussions, sharing, and helping teens to experience a personal relationship with Jesus. The teens develop a faith-based relationship with other teens and their small group leaders, who provide them with a network of support as the teens individually grow in their faith. Every night of ministry ends in our prayer circle where parents are always welcomed to join in.

Holidays are special times that calls for celebrations and parties as well as prayer experiences like Advent and Lenten Prayer Rooms as well as a walk thru Bethlehem. Assumption Middle School Ministry knows how to celebrate!

Holy Spirit Night
Holy Spirit Night is one of the most anticipated weekends in Middle School Ministry. This overnight experience begins on Friday and continues through the night until Saturday at noon. We start the night with dinner which is prepared by parents. After dinner we play variety of games, watch engaging videos, share our stories and experience Christ's presence in the most powerful ways during adoration. Morning begins with prayer and a wonderful breakfast also prepared by the parents. We then continue with games and activities that help all of us to focus on the works of the Holy Spirit. 

Summer with Assumption Middle School Ministry
Middle School Ministry continues throughout the summer with a wide range of activities to help maintain the relationships the teens have developed with each other and with God. Summer ministry focuses on fun activities including water games, outdoor family movie night, minute to win it games, as well as serving at Hobbs Farm with a camp fire, s'mores and worship music.

Middle School Ministry in service 
Middle School Ministry certainly expresses their love for Jesus Christ through serving others. Every other month we do a service project. We made over 70 fleece blankets that were donated to Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, 350 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, 237 wash up kits for the homeless, both were donated to Light House Mission. At Hobbs Farm we harvested 650 lbs tomatoes, as well as cucumbers, zucchini and eggplant.

We continue the experience of service through mission weekend, which will take place in November. We are all going to be challenged even deeper on keep discovering the great potential we have to serve others, both within the parish and outside of the parish. As we realize how we are called to use the great gifts we have been given through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Assumption Middle School Ministry gives teens a place where they can find friendship and direction to help them make better choices and be witnesses of our faith. In this ministry young teens feel completely accepted, are challenged to experience a personal relationship with Jesus, and are empowered to use their gifts and talents to experience fellowship and community. Middle School Ministry presents an opportunity to make a life-long impact on young teens by presenting Christ to our youth through belonging, serving and believing.