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Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish

Parish Renovation campaign

“Caring for God’s Household”

Parish Renovation Campaign Begins!
Your Support is a Vote of Confidence!

The challenge we face as a parish family is obvious; the need is clear.  Now is the time for our parish family to move forward with this capital campaign that will address deteriorating conditions (parish parking lot, church roof, damaged window frames) and improve our worship space (refinish pews, new flooring, improve sound system).  We are meeting the challenge in much the same way our parents and grandparents met the challenge when they established our parish and built the buildings we use today.  By our response to this new challenge, we become an important part of that heritage and lay the foundation on which the future will be built.

Please review the brochure material to see how you can participate in this important parish endeavor. Everyone’s sacrificial gift will be important. Your support of our Assumption Parish Renovation Campaign, “Caring for God’s Household,” will provide for our parish’s needs in the years to come. Please click on the links below for more information.

Parish Renovation Campaign Brochure

Suggested Memorial Gift Plans

Faith Direct Enrollment Form

Questions and Answers

Q:   Why do we need to do work to the Church building?

A:            Over the years the weather and normal wear have taken its toll on our almost 60 year old Church building. The roof and gutters need to be replaced, the widow frames repaired and repainted, the electrical system is in need of updating, the carpeting is worn and the pews need refinishing and the kneelers need to be replaced. The results of the recent planning study overwhelmingly supported the proposed projects.

Q:   Why do we need to conduct a capital campaign?

A:            The money received in the weekly offertory is used for the normal operating expenses of the parish, including salaries, utilities and funding of different groups and ministries. The capital campaign will provide the necessary funds that are needed to complete the proposed work without putting the parish in debt or depleting our reserves.

Q:   What is the priority order of the individual projects?

A:            The first priority is to take care of the exterior needs of the Church: the window frames, the roof, the parking lot. After that we will deal with the Church interior: sound, electrical, pews/kneelers, carpet. These are all outlined in detail in the brochure.

Q:   What is the projected cost?

A:            Current estimates are between $750,000 and $850,000.  Built in to these figures is a 10% contingency for any unforeseen expense. 

Q:   When will the work begin?

A:            The timeline is to complete the projects in three phases as described in the brochure--from the Spring of 2017 to the Summer of 2019.

Q:   Why am I being asked to pledge rather than pay cash?

A:            Pledging permits making larger gifts by spreading out the payments over a three to four year period.  Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.  We appreciate onetime cash gifts and consideration of a 10% (or more) down payment on your pledge to help us with paying for these projects sooner.

Q:   Is a down payment necessary to begin my pledge?

A:            No. You can simply complete the pledge envelope without a down payment and incorporate the entire amount of the pledge into future payments.

Q:   Can I pay more than a 10% down payment?

A:            Yes. You can pay more than 10%.

Q:   I am leaving the Church in my will, isn’t that enough?

A:            While we are happy that you have generously planned to remember the parish in your will, please keep in mind that this campaign addresses our most pressing needs.

Q:   Can I pay with my credit card or debit card?

A:            Yes. You will be able to use Faith Direct to pay your pledge. Indicate your interest in paying by credit card by checking the box on the pledge envelope.

Q:   Is my pledge tax deductible? Are gifts other than cash acceptable?

A:            All payments on a pledge are tax deductible to the full extent provided by law in each year of your pledge payment period. Funding your pledge with matured securities may provide additional tax benefits to you.

Q:   Can we use local contractors for any of the work?

A:            Yes and we hope to do so. Following diocesan regulations, each project will be put out to bid. Our hope is to obtain the best price, quality of work. Local companies will be part of this process.

Q:   Can we direct that our donation be used for a specific project?

A:            If you wish you may designate your gift be used to fund one of the specific projects outlined. Simply mark your intention on the pledge card/envelope and this will be honored.

Q:   Will there be memorials and how will gifts be recognized?

A:            The brochure will detail individual items and gift plan memorials. All gifts to the campaign will be recognized on a new memorial prominently displayed in the vestibule of the Church.